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Warring Hearts
White Oaks
Where the Heart Leads
by Ginny McBlain

Assigned to the prestigious Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Major Kit Garrett, a career officer, is struggling with single parenthood while undertaking a rigorous course of study. The last thing he needs is another complication in his life.

Widow Ashley Lanning has lost one husband to a dangerous profession. She is determined to put down roots to provide her infant son the stability denied her during her vagabond childhood. Even if she was ready to play the dating game again, she wouldn't pick a soldier at the beck and call of Uncle Sam.

But when a matchmaking friend introduces Kit and Ashley at dinner, both experience an instant attraction neither can ignore. How can Mr. Right be Major Wrong?

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Ginny McBlain
Ginny McBlain is a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing. HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE was first published by Renlow Publishing in 1996 and re-released in 2002. Her books are now offered by Awe-Struck E-Books, . Titles include WHERE THE HEART LEADS, SOLEMN VOWS, nominated for the 2000 Frankfurt Award, BEAR HUGS, an EPPIE finalist in 2002 and an Independent E-book Award nominee, and FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY an EPPIE finalist in 2005.

A born romantic, Ginny became hooked on romance at an early age. She began writing seriously in 1987 when she joined the Romance Writers of America.

Ginny is a Virginian transplanted to Nebraska by way of Texas. She and her husband of more than 35 years have a son, married to one of her critique partners, and two precious granddaughters. She's a keen observer of people, places and things, a skill she honed around the country in her days as an airline stewardess. Her elephant collection thrives on dust while her thimbles are protected in cases. She loves to entertain, decorate her home and take photographs of sunsets.

Ginny has served in many industry board positions; including two terms as President with Romance Authors of the Heartland. A founding member of EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, she was the first President. EPIC honored her with Florence Moyer Service Award in 2001.


"An incredible tale of romance with an inside look at military life, WHERE THE HEART LEADS will capture readers from the very first word. Kit and Ashley immediately set up housekeeping in my heart and will be there for a while...Author Ginny McBlain pens a heartwarming tale of love and trust... Her multilayered characters, her intense writing and the intriguing storyline make WHERE THE HEART LEADS hard to put down." Reviewed by Robin Peek for The Word on Romance

"Major Christopher (Kit) Garrett is learning to be a single father. His wife has abandoned him and their two kids for the bright lights of stardom...Ashley Lanning is the curator of the Post museum. She is a widow with a 10-month-old son. Her husband was a police detective and was killed in the line of duty...The author did a wonderful job describing Ft. Leavenworth and the surrounding areas. She describes the places fully and you can imagine yourself there. Everything rings true and you get a snapshot of what it is like to be a military spouse/family member." Reviewed by Susan Tam for Timeless Tales, 4 STARS

"A love story that is timely and forever at the same time. A story that will touch your hearts and perhaps let you reach for that star before the night fades away, and one with a happy ending. My favorite kind of read. Good job Ms. McBlain. A very good read." Reviewed by Shirley Johnson


The stranger looked up, his steady gaze studying her. No individual feature registered in her mind, only a magnetism she couldn't explain. In that moment, she knew this man would mean something-she didn't know what-to her. She shook her head, trying to clear the ridiculous idea. It remained, full-blown and stronger than before. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

She stooped to pick up Jeffrey's belongings and looked up to find the stranger crouched to assist her. Silently, he handed her the baby lotion, his fingers brushing hers. A feather touch, yet the spot he brushed warmed. If Jan were in easy reach, Ashley would strangle her friend-cheerfully. Ashley hated being set-up, especially by well-meaning do-gooders. One day she'd manage to convince her pal that she liked her quiet life just the way it was. Ordered, no surprises, no risks.

"Ashley, this is Kit Garrett, an old buddy of mine from the days when we were second lieutenants. He just arrived for the next Command and General Staff Officers Course," Charlie said. "Kit, meet Ashley Lanning and her son, Jeffrey," he added, chucking the baby under the chin. "She's in charge over at the museum."

Ashley stared into eyes more gold than brown, ringed in green and fringed with thick lashes. The stranger smiled, transforming his face from good looking in a serious way to drop-dead handsome. His large hand engulfed her smaller one. Kit straightened and pulled her up with him. He stood a head taller than her own five feet, seven inches.

"Glad to meet you." His deep, pleasing, voice sent a shiver along her spine, while his touch transmitted shock waves along her fingers, through her hand and up her arm.

"Hello." Much to her chagrin her voice came out in a squeak. As fast as courtesy allowed, she dropped her hand and stepped back, wishing a savage Indian would swoop down and snatch her away or a spooked team of oxen would burst through the wall and trample her. Anything to escape these crazy feelings. Escape being impossible, she endeavored to restore the situation to normalcy. "How's it going, Tracy?"

The gawky teenager's smile flashed braces-silver. "Still having trouble with this crummy math. At least Uncle Kit explains it so I understand it," Tracy said, tossing her father an accusing glare.

Jan bustled in from the kitchen. Apparently undaunted by the scowl Ashley shot her way, Jan beamed at her guests. "I couldn't wait for you two to meet. You've got a common interest in history."

"I should've known." Catching Kit's grin, Ashley longed to wipe the self-satisfied look off her so-called friend's face. How could she deliberately set her up with someone so...so... What? Masculine, kind, caring? Snap judgments weren't her style. Knowing Jan had her best interest at heart, he was probably wonderful. However, she wasn't ready now and maybe never would be, for Mr. Wonderful-or anyone else.

If Jan expected anything to come of her blatant matchmaking, she was in for a rude awakening. Ashley vowed then and there to pay as little attention to her fellow guest as possible.