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Solemn Vows
by Ginny McBlain

Newlyweds Meredith and Quinn McAllister are made for each other. They come from similar unstable backgrounds and have pulled themselves up by their own ambition and determination. Quinn has no qualms about agreeing to Meredith's stipulation that they have no children. That is until five days after their wedding when he learns his best friend, his "brother" from Boys Town days, is dead and Quinn has inherited three pre-school children, whom he'd long ago promised to raise should something happen to their parents.

What is an honorable man supposed to do? In order to keep one promise, he must break another.

Meredith, too, is caught in a dilemma. How can she refuse to take the orphans into her home without revealing her deepest, darkest secret?

Can their newfound love survive this unexpected, drastic change to their carefully made plans?

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Ginny McBlain
Ginny McBlain is a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing. HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE was first published by Renlow Publishing in 1996 and re-released in 2002. Her books are now offered by Awe-Struck E-Books, . Titles include WHERE THE HEART LEADS, SOLEMN VOWS, nominated for the 2000 Frankfurt Award, BEAR HUGS, an EPPIE finalist in 2002 and an Independent E-book Award nominee, and FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY an EPPIE finalist in 2005.

A born romantic, Ginny became hooked on romance at an early age. She began writing seriously in 1987 when she joined the Romance Writers of America.

Ginny is a Virginian transplanted to Nebraska by way of Texas. She and her husband of more than 35 years have a son, married to one of her critique partners, and two precious granddaughters. She's a keen observer of people, places and things, a skill she honed around the country in her days as an airline stewardess. Her elephant collection thrives on dust while her thimbles are protected in cases. She loves to entertain, decorate her home and take photographs of sunsets.

Ginny has served in many industry board positions; including two terms as President with Romance Authors of the Heartland. A founding member of EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, she was the first President. EPIC honored her with Florence Moyer Service Award in 2001.


"McBlain pens enchanting tales with a twist. SOLEMN VOWS has a fast-moving, hair-raising plot and coerces everything else to fade into the background while true love breeches a tough nut." Reviewed by Brenda Ramsbacher, for Scribblers

"A touching story of how we all have to rearrange our life plans once in a while. The understanding that life doesn't always go our way. It's nice to see Meredith work through her problems. Seeing her heart open up to the children and become willing to be their mother is touching... Solemn Vows is a lesson in adjusting to what ever life throws at you. It also shows that a person can overcome their childhood to become a person worthy of love." Reviewed by Jenni at A Romance Review

"A love story exploring many of the different and diverse ramifications of love, loyalty, and integrity, SOLEMN VOWS is a book to be read, loved and cherished. This is wonderful, warm, tender, full of conflict, and so very real. Ms. McBlain has, once again, touched my heart. SOLEMN VOWS should be on your TBR stack and on your gift list for Christmas, birthdays and especially weddings. It is a charmer." Reviewed by Under the Covers, Very Highly Recommended

"This is a 'feel-good' type book that should give the reader a pick-me-up during the coming winter months" Reviewed by Romance Communications

"...a good story with a twist and a few surprises," Reviewed by Diana Risso, for Romance Reviews Today


Oh, God! What have I done?

The door latch's solid click still echoed in Quinn's head minutes after Meredith left the room. She was gone. Where, he didn't know. His heart pounded a drum beat of doom.

He collapsed on the bed and stared at the door, willing the portal to open. If he lost her, what would he do? Meredith was his life. He couldn't go on without her.

What other option did he have? None. Absolutely none. He couldn't violate Steve's sacred trust. Besides he loved those kids just like they were his own. Cognizant of the pitfalls of foster care from his own miserable experience, it would kill him to see those precious tykes mired in the system. And while he had no problem with the concept of adoption, he wasn't about to shirk the obligation he'd accepted so long ago.

Meredith had thrown their marriage vows in his face. It had taken all his resolve to keep from tossing the "for better, for worse" part right back at her. Although justified, his profound guilt overshadowed his anger.

His wife didn't want children. She'd gone to great lengths to make certain he understood her position on the issue before she accepted his ring, as she had pointed out so heatedly. She was right. He had pledged to remain childless.

Just as he had pledged to Steve to raise his kids.

His eyes burned with unshed tears and his muscles ached with mounting tension. He rolled over seeking relief and found none.

What it all boiled down to was, despite his pledge to her, the kids needed him more than Meredith did. But did she need him as much as he needed her? Quinn rolled to his feet and strode to the window. Everything hung on her decision.