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Heart Broken, Heart Whole
by Ginny McBlain

A life-altering accident left Gray Townsend with a shattered leg and a shattered dream. The doctors were unsure if he would ever walk again. Although he broke his engagement to Amanda, Gray never stopped loving her.

When divorced mother, Amanda Wagner, brings her daughter to a pediatric cardiologist in Omaha, Nebraska, the last person she expects to see is her former fiancé.

Can she trust the man who broke her heart to mend her child's?

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Ginny McBlain
Ginny McBlain is a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing. HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE was first published by Renlow Publishing in 1996 and re-released in 2002. Her books are now offered by Awe-Struck E-Books, . Titles include WHERE THE HEART LEADS, SOLEMN VOWS, nominated for the 2000 Frankfurt Award, BEAR HUGS, an EPPIE finalist in 2002 and an Independent E-book Award nominee, and FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY an EPPIE finalist in 2005.

A born romantic, Ginny became hooked on romance at an early age. She began writing seriously in 1987 when she joined the Romance Writers of America.

Ginny is a Virginian transplanted to Nebraska by way of Texas. She and her husband of more than 35 years have a son, married to one of her critique partners, and two precious granddaughters. She's a keen observer of people, places and things, a skill she honed around the country in her days as an airline stewardess. Her elephant collection thrives on dust while her thimbles are protected in cases. She loves to entertain, decorate her home and take photographs of sunsets.

Ginny has served in many industry board positions; including two terms as President with Romance Authors of the Heartland. A founding member of EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, she was the first President. EPIC honored her with Florence Moyer Service Award in 2001.


"Whew! HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE leads readers down the path of many different emotions. As a woman, and a mother, I could relate to Amanda's determination to do anything she can to help her daughter. Given a second chance at love, readers will root for Gray and Amanda to overcome the pain and betrayal of their past, as well as the objections of Gray's father. A tender love story that will definitely pull at your heartstrings, I could not put HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE down." Reviewed by Carol Durfee for The Word on Romance

"Ms. McBlain has penned an emotional and heartwarming story. The dialogue is crisp, which keeps the story moving swiftly as the reader watches love blossoms a second time. The characters are well developed, and Ms. McBlain seems to know and understand the torment of a parent who has to stand by helplessly while another tries to help her child... HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE is a captivating story from the prologue to the last chapter, I highly recommend this e-book." Reviewed by Debbie Gilbert for Romance Reviews Today, A Perfect 10

"The story, instead of slamming you the chest with forceful emotion and roundhouse action, was like as soft, soothing flow of emotions, blending seeming less from one scene to the other. It didn't shock you from you scene to scene, but rather rocked you gentle, rising and falling gently in a blended sequence of a woman's fight to see her child healthy, and the man she loves whole." Reviewed by All About Murder Reviews


"Gray?" Amanda tapped on his door.

"Come in."

He stood in the dressing room doorway, shrugging on the black silky robe that had set off her fantasy--was it only yesterday? His hair was mussed, the white streak feathered in disarray. Her fingers curled; she clamped a lid on yet another flight of whimsy before her erotic thoughts had a chance to soar. She'd come to fuss not to dream.

"You wanted to see me?" He crossed to the sitting area, sagged into an overstuffed chair and propped his bare feet on the matching ottoman. He gestured toward the chair's mate. "Sit down."

"I can't believe you--" The slick fabric of his robe slid open revealing his left leg. Under the robe he wore only a pair of shorts made of the same supple material. Stretched before her, bathed in the bright light from the reading lamp between their chairs was a long, muscular limb, crisscrossed with fine white scars. There wasn't a thing repulsive about it, yet a sick feeling crawled through her belly. Every one of those white lines represented pain, pain that never completely went away. Poor darling, no wonder he needed the relief the spa provided. Her intended scolding died on her tongue.

Gray followed the direction of her gaze, dismayed. He flipped the robe over his leg, shielding as much of the disfigured limb as possible from her view. Though he'd learned to live with his handicap, he was still self-conscious about the unsightly road map etched in his skin. "You were saying?" he queried, his tone as blasŽ as he could make it.

Fiery sparks shot from her eyes, catching him off guard. "You went through hell and wouldn't let me help you."

The truth of her accusation stung. "That was a long time ago, Mandy. There wasn't anything you could've done."

"I could've held your hand. I could've cheered your triumphs, no matter how small. I could've cried with you. You said you loved me, yet when the chips were down, you shoved me away."

Gray sensed he was dealing with a long festering wound, one he'd inflicted on her. If there was any hope for them, the abscess would have to be lanced and the poison purged from her system.

"I did love you. That's why I drove you away. For what it's worth, forcing you to leave was the hardest thing I've ever done. I didn't want you to have to live--" he thrust the robe aside and raised his scar-riddled knee "--with this. As bad as it is now, I never expected it to be this good."

"Do you think I cared what your leg looked like? You could've lost the darned thing and it wouldn't have changed how I felt about you. I loved you, you dumb ox. Don't you understand what that meant?" She paused only long enough to draw a ragged breath. "It meant commitment. As in the Ôin sickness and in health' kind of commitment."

He shifted his vision from her livid face to the portrait on the wall. The love shining in her eyes as she gazed at his photographed self confirmed the truth of her assertion. Still she'd been young, too young to have had to face the long term agony of his rehabilitation.

"Breaking our engagement seemed the right thing to do at the time. I couldn't ask you to share an uncertain future."

Amanda surged to her feet and paced to the foot of the bed. Holding onto to the bedpost, she swung around, facing him again. "Gray, for a smart man, you sure are dim-witted. You asked me to share an uncertain future when you asked me to marry you. Tomorrow doesn't come with an iron-clad guarantee."

He hung his head. "I never meant to hurt you."