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Faith, Hope and Charity
by Ginny McBlain

A woman with a past...

From the moment Kirsten Hansen moves into the house across the street from St. Peter's Church, her life changes. Drawn by the music of the carillon, she finds herself in church, the last place she ever thought she'd be. Worse still, she's attracted to the preacher, the one man a woman like her can never have.

A grief-stricken man...

Widower, Reverend Michael Holliman has found the solution to all his problems. Kirsten is a renter who treats the church's house as if it were her own, makes his spoiled daughter mind and gives the youth group the care and attention they deserve. The only drawback is that she stirs his senses and thaws his frozen heart. He doesn't have time to breathe, much less pursue the lady with the shadowed eyes.

The success of Solemn Vows is a testament to the beautiful love stories of Ginny McBlain

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Ginny McBlain
Ginny McBlain is a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing. HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE was first published by Renlow Publishing in 1996 and re-released in 2002. Her books are now offered by Awe-Struck E-Books, . Titles include WHERE THE HEART LEADS, SOLEMN VOWS, nominated for the 2000 Frankfurt Award, BEAR HUGS, an EPPIE finalist in 2002 and an Independent E-book Award nominee, and FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY an EPPIE finalist in 2005.

A born romantic, Ginny became hooked on romance at an early age. She began writing seriously in 1987 when she joined the Romance Writers of America.

Ginny is a Virginian transplanted to Nebraska by way of Texas. She and her husband of more than 35 years have a son, married to one of her critique partners, and two precious granddaughters. She's a keen observer of people, places and things, a skill she honed around the country in her days as an airline stewardess. Her elephant collection thrives on dust while her thimbles are protected in cases. She loves to entertain, decorate her home and take photographs of sunsets.

Ginny has served in many industry board positions; including two terms as President with Romance Authors of the Heartland. A founding member of EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, she was the first President. EPIC honored her with Florence Moyer Service Award in 2001.


"In this tender read, we watch love blossom under the crafted hand of God. Through trials and tribulations we see two people so alone being joined to become a family. We chuckle at the always present 'church busybodies', who are ever watching every move their pastor makes and judging in their own 'righteousness.' And we smile as we see the Lord deal with such as these as only He can. A wonderful read, showing how a loving God can turn tragedy and pain, into triumph and joy." Recommended. Shirley Johnson, MidWest Book Review

"The way that these two flawed and wounded individuals work through their problems to find their happy ending without compromising their beliefs or dodging important issues makes for a tender, sweet, and often heartbreaking story of discovery, forgiveness and renewal. This is also a story of spiritual awakening and growth. The gradual conversion of Kirsten is beautiful to follow. Michael's dedication to his church, his child and his God is touching and uplifting. Ginny McBlain is a master story teller. Without resorting to violence, overtly sexual scenes or offensive language and without being melodramatic or overly sentimental, she tells a love story that is a joy to read and a treat to experience. This is a wonderful book. I highly recommend it." Reviewed by Billie Houston

"The church family portrayed in FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY is quite realistic; each character is well drawn and plays a part to round out the story. Michael's daughter, Hope, will steal your heart, and the many teenagers and parishioners add drama, comic relief, and poignancy to the tale. FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY is the sequel to the January 2004 re-release of SOLEMN VOWS. Kirsten's sister Meredith McAllister and her husband Quinn and their children are back as secondary characters...I must commend Ms. McBlain on the wonderful and inspirational book that FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY is...and I can recommend this story as one not to be missed in September." Reviewed by Diana Risso of Romance Reviews Today

"FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY is a wonderful book… I thought that it would be written in a standard romance formula with a Christian twist. It wasn't that at all. I found myself really caring about these characters. It seemed to be more a biography of an individual who was finding her way back than a novel. The book kind of reminded me of that saying, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans." It was a wonderful book and it is by no means a formulaic story. I really enjoyed Ms. McBlain's tale." Reviewed by Michelle Dragalin of Roundtable Reviews

"FAITH, HOPE, AND CHARITY is a journey of the heart and spirit for Michael and Kirsten. They are both very endearing to the reader, and I could relate to Michael's daycare problems. There is much more to this story than the romance between the main characters. The reader gets a look into the kinds of problems and challenges ministers and teachers might face, and the ways that Michael and Kirsten overcome these obstacles. They pull the community together and find solutions. For the lover of inspirational romance, FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY is a treasure." Reviewed by Grace of Romance Junkies

"In a Wal Mart, Kristen Hansen hears crying that wrings her heart. In an aisle she finds a little girl. At first fear keeps her from approaching, but a heart-rending wail makes her decision and she picks up the child. She asks the child if she's lost her mommy and is told it's her daddy she's lost-and what a daddy Kristen sees as the Reverend Michael Holliman comes into the aisle frantically looking for his escaped daughter. As gorgeous a hunk as Kristen has ever seen, she's at once interested, but reminds herself that she's sworn off men...This is a delightful story. I loved seeing the love blossom between these two. If you'd like to read a tale that lifts your heart and leaves you smiling, then this book is for you." Reviewed by Barbara M. Hodges, 4 HEARTS

"With memorable and sensitive characters, the author shows Christianity in action. The congregation at St. Peter's has all the flaws and the faces that are seen in today's churches. However, the author has gently shown that while the church may not be perfect, God is, and He is able to solve problems and soothe hearts. This reviewer was especially pleased to see this aspect of the story developed. An extra special touch was the use of music in the story. Kirsten is soothed by the carillon, which plays well-known hymns at regular intervals. The role of music throughout the story added another dimension to the reader's enjoyment. Also noteworthy was the characters' restraint in fulfilling their physical needs. While Kirsten and Michael were attracted to each other physically, their respect for themselves and each other remained paramount. Readers will indeed find Faith, Hope and Charity in this lovely book!" Reviewed by Joyce of Love Romances Reviews

"Restoration seems to be the key element in Faith, Hope, and Charity by Ginny McBlain. Emotional healing clears the way for love in this inspirational tale. The inner turmoil the main characters deal with is believable, as is the amusing imperfections of the congregation. The author didn't sugarcoat the attraction between Michael and Kirsten, which I found to be refreshing and honest... While not going too far, the author allowed her characters to be authentic. It is Ms. McBlain's understanding of self-forgiveness and its role in matters of the heart that makes Faith, Hope, and Charity an unforgettable accomplishment." Reviewed by Rho for A Romance Review, 4 ROSES


A hunky, black-haired man, his dark eyes smoldering with desire, his lips zeroing in for a kiss, held her as if he'd never let her go. Foggy with sleep, the dream slipped away before Kirsten grasped the fact that the phone was ringing. She fumbled the receiver to her ear. "'lo."

"Kirsten, this is Michael--"

At the sound of his resonant voice, little shivers tingled along her spine. With the last fragment of her dream fresh in her mind, heat suffused her face.

"--Sorry to wake you."

Thank goodness you did. That dream was getting so hot I wouldn't be able to look you straight in the eye.

"I need help. Could you come stay with Hope? One of my parishioners just died. I need to be with her husband."

She shook off the remnants of sleep. "Right now? In the middle of the night?"

"Yes. Now. I need to leave as soon as possible."

This was crazy. How could anyone expect Michael to take off at four o'clock in the morning--on the weekend no less--when he had a baby to care for?

"Kirsten are you there? Will you come over?"

She would be totally heartless to refuse his desperate plea. She switched on the bedside lamp. "I'm on my way. But first tell me where you live."

She scrambled out of bed and jotted down the address. "See you shortly."

Kirsten thrust her feet into wool-lined moccasins and pulled on a pair of sweat pants, leaving on her nightshirt. She raced downstairs for her coat and purse. On the way across the yard to the garage, she noted that the reflected the lights of the city blocked out the stars in the night sky. The quiet neighborhood slept. A mantle of loneliness enfolded her, catching her unaware. It was as if she were the last person left in the world.

"It's the dark and the fact there's no one out and about, which is a good thing since I'm talking out loud to myself, like a nutcase." She backed her car into the street. "It's that damned dream. Michael's not a man. He's a minister. So cool it. And for heaven's sake quit cussing."

In minutes, she turned onto Michael's street and parked in front of his house.

He met her at the front door already wearing his coat. "Thanks for coming. Hope's asleep. Her room's at the top of the stairs. She'll sleep till around seven. There's instant oatmeal and bananas for her breakfast. Juice and milk."

His clipped words indicated his need to hurry. "Okay," Kirsten said. "Go on. We'll be fine."

"Get some sleep while you can. Use my bed. The couch isn't napping-comfortable." His hand rested on the doorknob, but something about the way he trained his gaze on the stairs showed his reluctance to leave. "I'll be home as soon as I can."

Poor guy. He must feel pulled in two directions at once more often than not. Kirsten shooed him out the door. "I'll expect you when I see you."

She watched until his car turned the corner. Again, that unexpected loneliness slipped up on her. Caring for Hope would be a sure cure, and for that she'd need all her energy. Yawning, she climbed the steps in search of the promised bed.

Michael's bedroom overlooked the street. Barely able to keep her eyes open, Kirsten didn't bother to do more than locate the bed. The sheets were thrown back; the pillow bore the imprint of his head. She kicked off her mocs and shucked her sweat pants. Crawling in, she pulled the covers over her and snuggled down. Lying where Michael had laid a short time ago, erotic thoughts filled her mind. What would it be like to share this bed, to have free rein to touch his body and to feel his gentle hand on hers?

Stop it! Stop it right now. No more steamy romance novels for you. You aren't going to have that kind of relationship with any man, especially the preacher. She reached for the light switch and noticed the framed wedding picture on the dresser across the room. It didn't appear Reverend Holliman was any more ready for a relationship than she was. Relieved, Kirsten turned off the light and fell asleep.